The Ensminger Lab kicks off the CSPB ERM abiotic session talks!

Grad students Siyu, Bridget, Anchalya and Noelle represented the Ensminger lab wonderfully at the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists Eastern Regional Meeting! They were the first talks of the day in the same session and and gave everyone an understanding on their amazing work on conifer biology and abiotic stress. Speaking of stress, it seems like despite the added grad school stress of appraisals, transfer exams and TA obligations, these exemplary grad students were able to showcase their projects and put the Ensminger lab in the spotlight of the abiotic stress session. These talks will further the field of forestry and climate change and how tree genomics can be beneficial!

Congratulations as well to Aravind Harikumar, who gave a terrific talk in the Systems Biology and Technological Innovations session, informing all the CSPB ERM attendees of our lab’s important advances in using drone-based high-throughput field phenotyping to fast track diagnosis of stress, diseases, phenology and growth. This work is a part of our FastPheno project, which is in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada and Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks Quebec.

Stay tuned for more updates and talks on abiotic stress, genome-environment interactions and forestry, we will give in the future !

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