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We are hiring! Postdoc position in drone-based high resolution imagery

Postdoc position studying forest dynamics and tree resilience to climate change impacts using high resolution drone-based imagery The FastPheno project is soliciting applications for a postdoctoral position at the University of Toronto. The individual will be working as part of a larger team including researchers from the University of Toronto,…

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Great Success at CSPB !

This last week was the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists’ Annual Conference at the University of Laval in Quebec City! Our lab members Qi, Emilie, Bridget, Siyu, Anchalya and Noelle went and all presented talks and posters in various sessions throughout the week. Bridget got an honourable mention for the…

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Siyu wins CGCS Graduate Student Research Award

The Centre for Global Change Science (CGCS) awards the Graduate Student Award on a competitive basis to graduate students at the University of Toronto for projects that broaden the students’ research experience in a manner not possible within the scope of their current degree program. Congrats to Siyu on this…

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First Field Campaign of the year!

This week marked our first venture this year into the field for the FastPheno project ! Collection of drone data as well as ground truthing hyperspectral data, fluorescence were done, as well as needle tissue sampled for pigment analysis. There was still snow on the ground but that didn’t stop…

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Snow Days, S-“no” Problem

UTM was hit with a big snow storm today, which reminded us here at the lab that it is still winter, despite the higher than normal temperatures this year! The environmental signals used by trees to sense seasonality and trigger dormancy and development of cold acclimation, are the decrease in…

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