Ensminger lab successful with another Genome Canada Project

With the SpruceUp project the Ensminger lab is now involved in a second new large-scale collaborative research grant funded by Genome Canada

Spruce trees are Canada’s most significant forest resource because they grow in almost every region across the country and are the largest species by the number. With roughly 400 million seedlings planted per year, spruce are the most reforested trees in Canada. Climate change and unpredictable forest product markets require innovative new tools and technologies for tree breeding programs to deliver reliable spruce stock for future seed and seedling production.

SpruceUp is a $10.5-million research project, geared to advance spruce genomics for productive and resilient forests and to increase the value of new trees and reducing losses due to environmental disturbances. SpruceUp is a collaborative project with researchers from UBC, ULaval, UofT and the Canadian Forest Service.

Research from the Ensminger lab will contribute the development of new phenotyping technologies including the use of drones and improved understanding of transcriptional networks contributing to tolerance to heat and drought in spruce.

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