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Giacomo Campo

HBSc Student

Contact Information

Email: giacomo.campo@mail.utoronto.ca
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Giacomo is an undergraduate research student at the University of Toronto Mississauga. In the
summer of 2023 he joined the Ensminger lab as a member of the FastPheno project, and to
conduct his own research related to the project. Giacomo is thrilled to be collecting and
analyzing data using a variety of equipment for a project with potential to have a real impact on
the climate crisis.
Giacomo majors in biology and minors in both statistics and chemistry. He is passionate about
learning and teaching others, and understanding how the world around him works through
learning about the sciences.
In his free time, Giacomo loves playing football (soccer) and has been since the age of 7. He
also likes to discover new music, spend time with friends and family, and stay fit whether it be
playing soccer or lifting weights.


HBsc (Biology major, Statistics/Chemistry minor) University of Toronto Mississauga (2020-2025)