Ensminger Lab

Molecular Plant Physiology,
Global Change Biology & Photosynthesis

Department of Biology
University of Toronto Mississauga

Dr. Ingo Ensminger

Research on the Biology of Trees, Global Change & Photosynthesis

Our goal: To better understand tree responses to environmental change for productive and resilient forests – From molecular to leaf, species and ecosystem levels.

We investigate the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms that control photosynthesis, growth and resilience of trees to changing environmental conditions

We are located in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Areas of Research

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Environmental stress physiology of plants

How do plants adapt and acclimate to environmental change?

Tomorrows forests

How will heat, drought and pests impact tree growth in the future? Will warming increase the forest carbon sink?

Response of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism to low temperature

Research in conifers to understand low temperature acclimation and freezing resistance

Lab News

Drought in the Garden Plot

Preparations are underway for the garden plot drought experiment for this summer, on White Spruce in a controlled environment! Christina, Grace, Samira and Emilie went out to label trees for destructive versus non-destructive sampling. We are excited to see the results of the experiment in the coming months!

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First Pickering Campaign of 2024!

Our team, Emilie, Grace and Samira, headed to Pickering for the first campaign of the year, which involved tree selection and sampling! We are looking forward to an exciting field season ahead!

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Join Our Summer Volunteer Program !

Interested in contributing to scientific research from the comfort of your own home? The Ensminger Lab is looking for volunteers to aid in our creation of a tree monitoring algorithm this summer! Volunteers will receive a certificate listing the number of hours worked and duties fulfilled at the end of your volunteering time.  A $30 deposit is expected so we…

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Drone Calibration flight In Turkey Point

Our Drone Crew, Emilie Isasa and Gregory Millar, with the help of Andrea and Charlize, conducted a drone calibration flight at the Turkey Point deciduous site. The weather was in perfect condition—sunny and warm, feeling like summer already!

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CSB Research Day 2024 !

Congratulations to the Ensminger lab members who presented their research at CSB Research Day on May 3, 2024, in UofT’s Hart House in downtown Toronto !Well done to Bridget Murphy for her presentation, to Olivia Di Biase, Anchalya Balasubramaniam, Noelle Perkins and Sylvain Colomer for their poster presentations. And thank you to Emilie Isasa for judging the poster session.The wide variety of…

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