Ensminger Lab

Molecular Plant Physiology,
Global Change Biology & Photosynthesis

Department of Biology
University of Toronto Mississauga

Dr. Ingo Ensminger

Research on the Biology of Trees, Global Change & Photosynthesis

Our goal: To better understand tree responses to environmental change for productive and resilient forests – From molecular to leaf, species and ecosystem levels.

We investigate the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms that control photosynthesis, growth and resilience of trees to changing environmental conditions

We are located in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Areas of Research

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Environmental stress physiology of plants

How do plants adapt and acclimate to environmental change?

Tomorrows forests

How will heat, drought and pests impact tree growth in the future? Will warming increase the forest carbon sink?

Response of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism to low temperature

Research in conifers to understand low temperature acclimation and freezing resistance

Lab News

Biology ROP Poster Day !

It’s an incredibly thrilling day for our two ROP undergraduate students as they present the results of their research projects that they started back in September 2023! Grace Cheng showcased her poster titled “Examining drought resistance in white spruce genotypes using leaf hydraulic and wood anatomy traits,” while Christina De Melo presented her poster titled “Employing intra- and interspecific variation…

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Announcing Our first flight of the Season!

This week, we kicked off our field activities for the FastPheno project with our first flight of the year! This week, we conducted a drone flight and installed control points at the Turkey Point and Pickering sites. Remarkably, temperatures soared to 20 degrees Celsius, a surprising deviation from typical March weather in Canada compared to last year !

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Happy New Year from Ensminger Lab!

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and is feeling refreshed as we kick off the new year together. Cheers to an excellent year ahead, filled with scientific discoveries and remarkable achievements! Let’s make every experiment count and push the boundaries of knowledge in our field !

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