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Siyu Wang

PhD Student

Contact Information

Email: siyuclaire.wang@mail.utoronto.ca
Phone: 905-569-4235
ResearchGate: Profile


Working with Dr. Ingo Ensminger, Siyu is currently a doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto studying phenology at different scales. Siyu loves nature, cares about climate change and broadly interested in the use of remote sensing as a tool in environmental science. Her research interests include land surface phenology in the northern hemisphere and biosphere-climate interactions in the context of climate change. She obtained her master’s degree in Global Environmental Change in Beijing Normal University, which is the only university in China that offers a master program focused on Global Environmental Change. During her master study, she used Eddy Covariance and MODIS products to estimate the key transition dates of vegetation in pan-Arctic region.

Outside her research, Siyu enjoys drawing, playing badminton and bird watching.


MSc (Global Environmental Change) Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China (2017-2020)
BSc (Geographic Information Science) China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, China (2013-2017)


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